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KING Productions is an Indonesian Company established in 2017 that provides webtoon localization and creation for other webtoon content providers or platforms.

At first, KING Productions was focusing their service only for comico Indonesia. As time goes by, KING Productions expands their services to creating webtoons and co-producing contents.
For comico Indonesia, KING Productions handle all localization process of webtoon,

taking full responsibilty until all the material is finished and published on the platform.

The services provided by KING Productions include story writing, name (thumbnail/ storyboard), coloring, translation, lettering/type setting and editing. By jointly developing various genres of webtoons, comics and IPs, we hope to introduce Indonesian Comic Artists to worldwide audience, to participate and enliven the comic industry.

It’s KING Productions’ mission to develop high quality contents that can be enjoyed by the audience through systemic planning, production, service, management and global business. Hopefully KING Productions’ contributions could help the growth of webtoon industry,

not only in Indonesia, but also on a global scale.



Providing webtoon localization

for Comico Indonesia.

november 2018

Producing an original content, titled PDKT.

march 2019

Creating character designs and webcomic of Comico mascots (Miko-chan), E-Novel (Noah),

E-comic (Eka), and Webcomic (Wira).

june 2019

Producing original content,

titled ‘The CEO’s First Lady’.

july 2019

Opening the opportunity to co-produce content with other platform/content provider.


march 2017

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